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Learn more about our Neighbours by clicking on the following links:

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Wellow Archaeology

Learn more about archaeology in Wellow by clicking the following Youtube links

Video 1: What is Archaeology? (11.29 minutes)

This video presents an overview of archaeological research including an introduction to digs, field walking, metal detecting, geophysics and looking at what type of things might be found. It shows students how archaeology fits hand-in-glove with social history.

Video 2: Wellow Archaeology & History (13.14 minutes)

Here we learn the origins of the village and about some of Wellow’s fascinating features, including Jordan Castle, the pinfold, and the church of St Swithin’s before taking a longer look at the very rare Gorge Dyke that surrounds the village.

Video 3: Archaeological Field Walking (21.41 minutes)

Now we look at how to organise a Field Walk to try and discover relics from the past. This DVD includes a discussion with a ‘Finds’ specialist who shows us what we might find as we walk our fields.

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